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There are 4 types of shotgun ammo in CE:

  1. Slug, a single heavy projectile.
  2. Buckshot shell, contains lead balls shot as a tight spread of 9 pellets.
  3. Beanbag, less-lethal round, contains a fabric bag packed with lead balls.
  4. EMP round, delivers an electromagnetic pulse on impact.


Colonist fires a slug at a megasloth with USAS-12.

Slugs are useful for short-medium range engagements. They are good against tribals, early pirate raids and animals. Other weapons with AP ammo are more effective against later pirate raids.


Colonist shooting buckshot rounds at raiders with Mossberg 500. Notice how it hits multiple enemies.

Buckshot is useful for crowd control as it is capable of hitting multiple enemies. It is devastating against tribals, early game pirate raids and animals. It becomes a bit obsolete once pirates start wearing body armor or start taking ballistic shields with them. It is not recommended to be used against mechanoids, as the buckshot will just ricochet off its armor. However, it is capable of hitting certain vunerable spots with it, such as the sensors, fingers, blades and the chemical analyzer.


Shooting beanbag rounds at a fellow colonist having a mental break.

Since the beanbag shell only does low amounts of blunt damage, it is not recommended for killing people. It can be used to stop berserk pawns or pawns in a tantrum from doing too much damage. It is also useful for capturing raiders as it does not cause bleeding. It can also be used for hunting, as it has a very low chance of destroying body parts, which increases the amount of meat you get from butchering. It is not recommended when hunting larger animals with a high revenge chance, as one or two shots may not incapacitate it, which leaves room for it to attack.

EMP shells[]

Mechanoid gets disabled by an EMP shell.

It is an excellent choice against mechanoids. Mechanoids hit shut down for a few seconds. It also causes electric burns on hit. The shells can also temporarily shut down turrets, but other weapons are more suited for this as using a shotgun means getting very close to a turret. Turrets hit are disabled for 7 seconds

Other shotgun ammo types are recommended when fighting humanoids, as EMP shells only cause electric burns, which cause minor damage to them.

You can also use EMP shells to temporarily incapacitate a pawn which has brain implants. You can use this to your advantage if the pawn in question has high armor or if you want to capture them reasonably intact and beanbag shells aren't at hand.

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