There are 3 types of ammo for the rifle:

Ammo Type Required Materials Description
Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 21-6 things of steel per 500 Shots This ammo type is Armor-piercing and hollow-point combined. Though it isn't as good as if a hollow point or an armor-piercing bullet was used separately. This ammo type is useful for those who want a bit from both worlds, it's capable of piercing armor and inflicting grizzly wounds to those without body armor.
Hollow Point (HP) 21-6 things of steel per 500 Shots This ammo type can be useful during the entire game. It can be used for hunting animals, and it is useful during early game pirate raids and early to mid-game tribal raids.
Armor Piercing (AP) 26-7 things of steel per 500 shots This ammo type, as the name suggests. Is capable of piercing armor. It is recommended to have at least a few pawns equipped with this ammo type, as pirates around the midgame and late game will wear body armor or other protection.
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