Combat Extended Wiki

There are 6 types of ammo for the rifle:

Ammo Type Required Materials Description
Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 21-6 things of steel per 500 Shots This ammo type is a middle ground between hollow point and armor piercing.
Hollow Point (HP) 21-6 things of steel per 500 Shots This ammo type has higher damage at the cost of armor penetration. It is useful for hunting animals and early raids, and is most effective against unarmored targets.
Armor Piercing (AP) 26-7 things of steel per 500 shots This ammo type, as the name suggests, has the highest armor penetration of all the ammunition types, but the lowest damage. A few pawns should have this equipped in case of a heavily armored enemy.
Armor Piercing Incendiary (AP-I) 12-46 steel and 1-4 prometheum per 500 This ammo type has, like the aforementioned armor piercing a high armor penetration, but it also has the bonus of doing burn damage after penetrating. This makes it a better choice over regular armor piercing if acquiring prometheum is not an issue.
High explosive (HE)
Armor Piercing discarding sabot (SABOT)

All ammo loaded (crafted) at loading bench.