Welcome to CEWiki Community Corner!

Right now this wiki is under construction. Current priorities:

  • Templates. If you are knowledgeable in XML, MediaWiki and/or CSS or are willing to learn, please help!
    • Make a navbox for weapons. Template:Navbox contains some basic instructions. Don't change the Template:Navbox itself! Create a new page, Template:NavboxWeapons or something. CSS and Lua are needed, I suspect, to customize it more. There are a lot of template examples in other wikis.
    • Help with infobox design and styling. CSS required. You can experiment with wiki looks on your personal CSS and JS page
    • Templates for typical articles on topics. Will be a priority once Navbox is finished.
  • Make weapon tables on this page similar to these
  • Someone already works on it, but if you can write scripts you can help by extracting info on ammunition. The following is needed:
    • Ammo label
    • Bulk
    • Mass
    • Description
    • Damage types
    • Damage values
    • Weapons that use them (optional)
    • Pellet count
    • Explosion radius
    • Armor pen base values

If you have any questions, join CE Discord server on #wikitalk channel. Zozilin (talk) 00:25, May 7, 2019 (UTC)

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