Page for weapons using high explosives for either Anti personel shock or to penetrate using HEAT

Grenades Edit

  • Hand thrown explosive devises. Tend not to be useful against medium armored opponents, very useful against hordes of animals or tribals. Usually cheaper to use than grenade firing guns at the cost of range.

Grenade launcers Edit

  • More expensive than grenades. Very deadly against bunched up infrantry. Sometimes useful against armor

Rocket launchers & Recoilless rifles Edit

  • Very useful against armor. Effectiveness agaisnt infrantry depends mostly on ammo used. Usually longer range than that of the grenade launcher

Towed anti tank Edit

  • Very high accuracy, damage at the cost of humongous weigth

Mortar Edit

  • Higher range than grenade launcher. Only really usefull against infrantry and mechanoids (provided emp rounds are available to mortar)

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