All you need to know to make an article on CEWiki.

Getting startedEdit


CEWiki rough structure scheme

If you are new to Wiki article editing, please have a look at these first:



For something more advanced, go to CEWiki Community corner to see what is currently needed.

Please follow the structure of this wiki as shown on the scheme on the right. You can go to main page, choose one of the categories and go from there.


If you want to make a guide on raid defense with sombreros:

  • Add a new page. This page's name should be specific - 'Raid defense with sombreros' instead of just 'Raid defense' or 'Raid'
  • Write and format your article on this new page.
  • Go to Guides (under Categories on the main page.
  • Add a link to your guide under Defense section there.

Creating a new typical page step by stepEdit

Add a new page with standard layoutEdit

There are two ways to do so:

Method 1Edit


Welcome text in Visual Editor.


Welcome text in Source Editor.

Simply click on one of the templates in welcome text message when adding a new page(see screenshots)

Method 2Edit

Use one of these boxes to achieve the same result. Input page's name.

  • Weapon page

  • Ammo page

Fill out necessary fieldsEdit

To form an infobox in Visual editor, hover over it and click 'edit', then fill in all applicable fields.
Warning! You will not be able to fill out Ammo page properly with Visual editor. Same goes for a part of Weapon page, that concerns ammo stats.

Write the rest of the articleEdit

Add images if you feel like they fit.

Publish your page and add linksEdit

Again, consult CEWiki structure scheme to find an appropriate category.

You're done!Edit



You can find them here CEWiki:Templates

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